8cm Treat Dispenser Ball – Teeth Cleaning – Dog Puzzle Toy – Slow Feeding Toy – Dog Toys For Treats – Dog Treat Ball – For Medium/Large Breeds


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  • Teeth Cleaning And Teething Aid – The unique soft tooth lined crevices are designed for optimal massage and coverage of teeth and gums. This toy is designed this way to keep your pup’s teeth and gums clean and healthy whilst also preventing tartar and plaque build-up. The unique design of this ball is perfect for massaging the gums of teething pups soothing the pain of teething whilst keeping their teeth and gums clean.
  • Mental And Physical Stimulation – It’s only natural for dogs to be high energy and love nothing more than to chew things. We have the perfect solution. Not only will our product keep your dog stimulated for hours it will deter all the chewing of sofas shoes and beds that you dislike whilst keeping your dog happier calmer and relieved of his need to chew. This product has also been an effective aid with separation anxiety by distracting them with hours of mental stimulation and fun.
  • Calm And Cool On a Hot Day – With summer coming around again every year keeping our pups cool in the sun is always an uphill battle. What dog doesn’t like playing and having fun? We have both of those problems covered with our product not only will your pup be calm and stimulated whilst attempting to retrieve treats from the crevices of this toy even the most high energy dogs will be more than happy to lay down on a cool floor whilst doing so.
  • Entertainment Value- As we can speak from experience having tried and tested this product on our dogs. I can honestly say that these treat dispensing dog balls are brilliant. Tested on medium/large sized high energy dogs and the entertainment value of this toy in unbeatable. Not only did it keep the dogs calm entertained and stimulated the added extra of the treats being stuffed into the ball kept them interested for hours. All whilst living up to the promise of being extremely bite resistant.
  • Safe And Non Toxic Material – Our treat dispensing dog ball has been manufactured in strict conditions to ensure that there are no toxins in our product that could cause your pup any harm. It has been made from an extra strong elastic rubber to ensure the toy is bite resistant and so it can withstand the roughest of play unfortunately this hasn’t made it completely indestructible. Supervision is recommended.
  • Easy To Use And Clean-Our interactive dog ball is both simple to use and clean. To use : Fill all the soft spined crevices with dog food dog friendly toothpaste or treats by simply pushing them in. Also filling the centre of the ball. To clean : Using dish soap and warm water clean the ball ensuring you get into the crevices rinse and let air dry. As this product has been tested on our own dogs we found this produced best results.