AmeizPet Cat Vitamins Paste, Healthy Snack for Pet Fur and Health, Cat Multivitamins, 100 g (3.5 Oz)


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  • VITAMINS IN THE FORM OF A PASTE. Multivitamin paste for cats is the vitamins made simple. Period. Most cats’ vitamins are hard to feed and extremely disliked by cats. The multivitamin paste is a delicious paste that your cat will not hesitate to take every day.
  • BOOSTS THE CAT’S IMMUNE SYSTEM. The multivitamin paste for cats contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins responsible for the healthy functioning of your cat’s immune system. It helps to keep your cat in optimum condition and prevent her from having diseases.
  • FOR NOURISHED AND GLOSSY FUR. There is no better feeling than petting a cat with silky fur – a sign of the proud cat and the owner. The multivitamin paste helps to boost the overall health of the cat’s fur and improve its condition to make it look nourished and glossy – a signature of a caring pet owner.
  • FOR HEALTHY CAT SKIN. Cat’s skin is a very sensitive organ that requires focused care. The condition of the skin is highly related to a properly balanced cat’s diet and intake of minerals and vitamins. The multivitamin paste contains the most significant vitamins that ensure a healthy skin condition if used regularly.
  • BOOST FOR A DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Similar to the skin treatment a cat’s digestive system requires a constant focus on the diet. The multivitamin paste contains ingredients that will reduce any unpleasant symptoms caused by an unhealthy diet or diseases such as poor digestion vomiting or constipation.