Anima-Strath Liquid Food Supplement for Dogs & Cats – Immune System & Digestive Care with 61 Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids & Prebiotic Qualities – BARF Diet Pet Food Topper (100 ml)


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  • VITAMINS & MINERALS FOR EXTRA VITALITY KEEPING PETS ACTIVE! Support energy production and metabolism with Anima Strath liquid herbal yeast supplement. It contains naturally occuring vitamins & minerals and amino acids like arginine glutamine & more. Along with ATP our cat supplement or senior dog supplement is the ideal all round natural boost to help your canine pet unleash their vitality!
  • DIGESTIVE CARE TO OPTIMIZE NUTRIENT ABSORPTION Maintain your furry companion’s tummy & digestive system. Glutamine serine & other amino’s support gut integrity helping play a role in improving critical digestive enzymes. Mannan (type of prebiotic) is included to promote growth of beneficial bacteria. Inositol (included in vitamin B complex) optimizes digestive enzymes activity improving absorption of nutrients and crucial to a healthy intestinal lining leading to a healthy weight balance.
  • SKIN AND COAT CARE FOR LUSTROUS FUR AND HEALTHY SKIN Maintain a beautiful coat and healthy skin for your pet. Methionine tyrosine and sulphur contribute to essential proteins and antioxidants that promote skin care and a healthy coat .Our treatment ensures your furry friend shines with vitality.
  • NATURAL SUPPLEMENTATION ADDITION FOR BARF DIET DOGS & CATS: Elevate your pet’s raw BARF diet with a BARF Supplement to improve their stomach & nutrient absorption. Anima Strath fermented herbal yeast contains naturally occuring vitamins calcium vital minerals & trace elements and prebiotic qualities for a well rounded BARF supplement mix. Experience the power of Anima Strath’s solution for your dog’s barf diet. Unlock their potential with our premium food supplement.
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT TO STRENGTHEN RESISTANCE TO ILLNESS & FASTER RECOVERY Support your pet’s immune system and enhance their resistance to illness. Anima Strath is an all natural immune support supplement for dogs cats and pets. This formula contains essential amino acids like cystine and glutamine along with substances glutathione and vitamin C to support immune system function which can help protect against infections.