Beaphar – Multi-Vitamin Paste for Ferrets – Promotes Natural Passage of Hairballs – Prebiotic Aids Digestion – Tasty Treat with Added Vitamins & Minerals – For Ferrets of all Ages – 100g Tube


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  • PROMOTES NATURAL PASSAGE OF HAIRBALLS: Helps to ensure the smooth natural passage of ingested hair (hairballs) from grooming through your ferret’s intestines
  • INCLUDES A PREBIOTIC TO AID DIGETSTION: The prebiotic MOS (mannan-oligosaccharide) encourages a healthy gut flora to aid digestion.
  • TASTY TREAT WITH ADDED VITAMINS & MINERALS: Contains Taurine an essential amino acid to support overall health and wellbeing. Give as a treat or add to daily food.
  • ADD TO FOOD OR DIRECTLY INTO YOUR FERRET’S MOUTH: Give 3cm of Beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste per 5kg of bodyweight. Beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste can be given either directly into the mouth or as an addition to food. If your ferret is a fussy eater try placing the paste onto their paw and letting them lick it off. Always have fresh drinking water available.
  • IDEAL FOR TRAINING: Use with lick mats or enrichment toys to train or for disguising medication.