BRIAN & DANY Pet Playpen, Portable Plastic Fence Small Animals with Door for Hamster, Puppy, Rabbit, Rat, Guinea Pig, 28 Panels, 105 x 70 x 70 cm, Smoke


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  • 🐰【DIY Design】These panels can be freely customized into any shape or size based on actual house layout different sizes of pets and personal needs.This pet playpen keeps your furry friend safely confined while offering more space to play and rest.
  • 🐱【EASY In & Out】This DIY playpen is perfect for building a castle for them while the door allows them to run out and play with you; Anti-Slip Mats can be used to protect floor and the corners are rounded so that small animals can not be injured
  • 🐭【Translucent Design】Translucent panels allow you to observe pets from all directions and confirm pets play around in a fixed range without messing up other places. Plus pets could be prevented from danger under observation.
  • 🐹【Sturdy Structure】Made of high-quality steel and resistant plastic our playpen is sturdy enough prevent damages from small pets. Plus its sturdy structure could also make it as an ideal fence for other furniture in the house.
  • 🐶【Easy Assembly】Connectors are made of high-quality plastic easy to connect panels from different directions with mere minutes. Plus it is also convenient to disassemble the playpen if you need to store or move the playpen.
  • 🐷【Pet Exercise Play Pen】28 x panel each panel size 35 x 35 cm. No worried your rabbits guinea pig hamster will jump over it. Total Size: 105 x 70 x 70 cm.